Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Theater of the absurd"

"He is a time share salesman, what chance did she have?" This was the prosecutor's final remark to the jury before they went into deliberation. What does 'time share salesman' have to do with anything other than to prejudice the rogue jury formed during the week of Hugo; the devastating storm which tore into SC with wrecking mayhem.  Yes! This is the 'way' in which the system -of the people and by the people- works in SC. And, for sure, this 'rots' because there is something missing, civil rights. And of cause the SC prosecutor does not care about 'civil-rights.' In my case, she was one of the girls playing around in the bottom of the 'brown-paper-bag' with the confetti made up of eviscerated penises. And, whose penis did she eviscerate? Well maybe it was the judge's penis for he too was playing havoc with my 'civil-rights.' And may I remind all, there was never any crime, just political corruption, SC style. But there is a whole lot of misery associated with this form of 'rogue-jury' behavior manifested in the SC criminal justice system. A system rotting from within because its mandate is anchored in plea bargaining, absent the 14th amendment, section #1, equal treatment to all Americans, of cause. Enter at your own risk, 'the theater of the absurd.'