Thursday, December 5, 2013

Y.E.S. Your Easy Side is 'our easy side." Was the slogan I use when I put together the promotional material to offer up Mobley's accounts receivable, mortgage-paper? These were mortgages he held on projects that he had fostered. Also, there were several other associates of Mobley's in  this derivative model of mine. So that, when I published in the local real estate offering, as well as TV, a listing for occupancy or sale, it included most of the major resorts in Riudoso, N.M. These men asked me to put together this deal, derivative. This was not a rogue derivative. But I did get opposition from Mobley's son. He believed that any lead coming into the office was his and he did what he could to mess up this derivative. And to Mobley's credit, he called his son into his office, and informed him that what I was doing was for his, Mobley's, best interest. It was all down hill from there. You can never go against the Prince; ask Machiavelli.  The Prince is a famous work of 'art' on behalf of anyone who wants to govern others. It's the devil's manual according to some, and it's the 'bible' according to others; anyway, the Church condemned it. And the South acquired the "sex scandal."  Mobley and his friends did not like the way in which I governed the tax exempt status of Pecos Valley Christan College. They wanted to do what they previously did, and that could be misconstrued as 'fraud,' and it was why Mobley's property was under federal receivership. The proof is in the 'pudding,' one year after I was arrested, Mobley's property went into bankruptcy. He though he new what I was doing. What he did not understand was that the IRS set up the guide-lines for the  derivative. Pecos Valley Christian College was non- denominational, not Mormon. Mobley was a Mormon, so non-denominational was not his 'easy side.'