Thursday, December 26, 2013

A gift!

Support is a subjective kind of feeling. If I were reflecting, I would question whether I was indeed supporting myself because the questions triangulating from my mind's percolating roar  gives me wonder. The question then becomes: What or who is this other times me riding the ebbing tides as they give up their debris like ocean tides speckle a shore line of shells. Walking along the shore line and losing self in the wonderment of discovery, shell after shell until the strange shape of the shark tooth spears. Aha!, a smile appears across the face of excitement  - found one! Then just to the shore line a sand dollar pops out of the ebbing tides way. Joyously, self and the shark's tooth merge with the sand dollar keying into the idea behind the roar of reflection. Aha! support is all about being aware that others walking earlier along the shore line making accommodations and leaving the discovery up to you.