Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Swimming up stream

So, if you are living in SC and your parents are in the bottom 20% of wage earners, than you, as a child of this family, have a 40% chance of staying in the bottom 20% if you do not have a college education. OK! Now what do you think your chance is of aspiring to the top if one of your parents is a felon? Well! Let us wrap that question up in a Christmas package and leave it under the Christmas tree for 'Santa' to open and pontificate about. Maybe you can hope for the Francis affect to seep into your future and spawn one of those Hollywood projections like "miracle of 34th street." But, I must warn you about the rogue prosecutor lurking about on your street corner hoping to grind her teeth into your dream of rising above that slim possibility. Now, what do I think? I think that those who find themselves in this situation "should" look to foster a better opportunity for themselves as well as others. And, how may this happen? For one thing, you could contemplate forming a more meaningful union to support your aspirations. You could do this by supporting 'theblackmarket.me. Why? Because 'theblackmarket.me is all about shining a new light on the disparaging mind set of the criminal justice system and its rogue prosecutors. As well as the prejudice that stains all felons. It is a southern season to trash those who are not perceived to be from their side of town. Just ask anyone who had the audacity to reach for the stars and bring home the "miracle on 34th street."