Thursday, December 19, 2013 It's the 'bad boy's hot-spot'

Shakespeare: Why not 'any' man?  The young brains, free radicals, gather offshore and form their literary effect; it's the European elite who had their freedom to explore. Gathering on that spot of land just off its coast, London,England. You might think "Bermuda" off the coast of our South Eastern flank. Yet, not the same weather. Now the thing is this: the director offers you the character's effect. And that is why when two different directors address the same 'words,' the protagonist can unfurl among characters that can be seen threw many different sexual leanings. Life was forming its renaissance men. And they did so tip toe down Alice's rabbit hole. London, England at this time was one of the hot spots for Europe's convergence of the Continent's youth. And Shakespeare was the scribe: he harvested their gossip as they hopped around town going from one social upheaval to another and all the time in the service of one of the community patriarchs. These were the 'actors' who performed on the stage at the Globe. It's the Bard's space. The manner in which the Bard strung together his words took into context the actors' status on his stage, their countenance. Different actors worked for powerful families in the political fabric of power. All over Europe the monarchies were being challenged. Alliances were being made, as marriages between families were seen as business contracts. As Dylan has often said, "The times they are changing."