Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Grapes of wrath"

Christmas is Christmas as 'a rose is a rose;' or maybe Christmas is a rose if you are in the loop; and, I suppose there are many other attitudes one can take in respect to Christmas. But still, things could unfurl upon a more even playing field. Note! If you allow the political powers that exist as they do today to continue to be 'bad Santa' then what you will get under your tree of hope for Christmas will be a piece of fossilized coal. And, I know, or I believe that what you wish to find are gifts of hope for your family's future.  But please do not be 'eccentric' because the way the system wants the individual to be more like the protracted clown that it projects from its approved pulpits. OK! What is a protracted clown? It's what happens when you become dehydrated like a grape to a raisin. For example, your desire was to mature into a bottle of vintage wine. And you end up in a bag of trail mix. Another way of looking at this is that you will never be Sinatra singing his mantra of "My way." For you, it's conforming to the 'trail mix." You know what I mean. It's when you recognize another 'raisin' from your side of the mix and it does not make any difference what the mix is. The point is that it's the way of the mix or the 'high way.' Think -snap, crackle and pop- like out of the cereal box unless you too are into the Francis effect feeling the inertia from the Pope's convergence trickling, twirling, and swirling - the assurance that if you do it 'my way' that it will be the 'high way' to the promise land. Well, what about those of us who are not persuaded because of the injustice that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Candidly speaking, the good Shepard does not live on my side of town only the money-changers and their way of capitalism. Yes, protected by a system that has a special interest in the convoluted means to its esoteric understandings. The system is still riddled with nepotism, maybe not from the family but for sure from their presumed place in its cast of characters.