Sunday, May 25, 2014

The "thing" to do!

If you want people to like you, I suggest that you do the opposite of me; do it differently; it does not make any difference, just do it your way; you will do it well. It is its "it" anyway, don't you agree? As for me, I'm always in a relaxed state as far as social intercourse is in play. You on the other hand are the 'gadfly' neck deep in surviving so that when you want to relax, you want to empty your mind. You are not polemic on social justice and its discourse. You are divorced from reality for the moment because you do not want to be reminded about what tomorrow could bring. You are running away from whatever it is out there that seems to always rear its ugly head when you least need its reminder. You want to get down, be just fittin' in with your own disillusion, its truth, "if you build it they will come." You scream! " Let us all be happy the way that I want to be happy; what do you say"?  Fucking crazy! But for me you see, I will walk into the group; it's called -spring fling- as if they were the audience. The question is -will they suspend their disbelief as is the custom in the theater's audience? And! If they do not, then I will have to interact as is their custom. This is the issue -my issue: I have no fucking idea about what their "custom" is, you see. I think it might have something to do with common knowledge. But I'm as eccentric as your imaginary quest for knowledge could be when you are in -time out. Therefore, " to 'stay' or not to 'stay,' this is the question." I have my own man cave; I'm comfortable. Still! Should I just man up and go down to "spring fling" and be one of the group because -as you know- "acceptance" is the thing to do. You know! This reminds me of the argument between "could or should" that I used to have with a real polemic on women's issues.