Friday, May 23, 2014

"Class -less", that's me.

Substantive ideas: ideas whose time could be about not having working class or middle class in them. Yes! The elites of the times are pyramid builders which need the 99% to support their sense of accomplishment. What do I mean? I mean that you are the "dung" from which the elite Southerners sprout their air of superiority. How about that?  You work in the coal mines; their work is checking on and complaining about the fairways along the golf course as they approach the putting green. Remember now to be quiet as they concentrate on their putt; it is the most important and substantive issue on their agenda. You! Well your job is to "load another ton of number nine coal and to go deeper in debt to the company's store."Right! You see the idea is to try and be one of them so that you too can spend your day on the golf course praising God for your ascent into their realm, meaning you are no longer one of those who have to go into the "coal mines" of life. That is right. You are no longer one of the oppressed. Congratulations, you are now officially one of those who oppress and enslave others to do your bidding. This you do to assure yourself a place at the right hand of God, even if you are left handed. Fear not, it is not your virgin daughter being sacrificed to the God of superstition; she is not fucking tossed under the bus; or as in the past, dropped off of the mountain top into the volcano to appease the sexual lust of the ruling deity which you know that you want to be. Right! No! You say no not me. Then you run for some community position so that you can boast of being the little Fascist kid in the neighborhood who wanted to score with those of in-crowd. Congratulations, you too will get the "Sieg Heil" and maybe open up a camp or two, too.