Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are you lost or dead?

As far as I'm concerned, I'm in a living nightmare. Fuck! I wish you would get off of my stage. You bring along so much garbage. Because the system wants you to fit a mold that they have filled with religious superstitions. I know that this is my problem and not yours; yet, it affects both of us. You and I need to find a way to clean up this "social garbage" spewing out of us from moment to moment as we pass through out our day. The mind does not always remember what it encoded into its brain over time. This is evidenced on those occasions when you had diarrhea-of-the-mouth. As for my self, I'm as guilty as we all are; my question to my self is: Why? I know that the key to understanding lays in one's ability to listen without prejudice. For example, I had this fight with someone about my willingness to sway the project: The IRS constructed the format for the deal. If you did anything else it would be fraud. I was not going down that pathway because I just took over the hotel when he wanted me to house his guest; it was against the rules to do so; I told him so. I went to prison; he lost out to the IRS because they did not trust him, therefore the IRS foreclosed on the deal. Now if I was willing to bend to his sway I would have been on easy street. But no, I had to be straight because I was afraid to go to prison for committing a financial fraud. Irony! Now! To fill in the pieces. My job was to find a pathway that was acceptable to the IRS, freeing the property's hold; its market potential was 350,000,000 dollars. The IRS and the Real estate Commissioner gave me the OK to teach a course in ethics with Timberon, NM as the stage, a new state law; you had to have a license. When you are dealing within a structure, you no longer have control:  I had a non-denominational tax exempt status; he wanted its hermeneutic to be translated as Mormon. This social garbage lacked ethical validity but it was politically powerful as you can witness; I'm a felon.