Monday, May 19, 2014


 The wave of history rings out in the meaning of today's time; its past is eternal -with you always.  It is from which you extrapolate the present. The trick is not to hear its cacophony. Keep it ever in mind as you experience the now of place and time. You traverse from stage to stage tasting its offerings as your pleasures mature exponentially through time. The sweet horn of plenty leaving you satiated with its nectar: juice up at the pump, my friend, for life is leaving you behind.  Accept the lies that are out there in time and space being postulated upon by the lobbyist behind the throne of your ideas. It's in the understanding of history that you get wisdom, vicarious relationships breeding thoughts for consideration, thinking: Why the fuck are you holding on to this belief system of yours which is dysfunctional at best or potentially criminal in nature because your history is inadequate for the times. Your problem stems from the fact that you lack experience -specialization that comes through opportunity, frequency. You get up to bat; you foul out because you lack the jargon of accomplishment. Your language lacks the polish of "rhetoric" because it is psychobabble from the "hood."This new world has social norms that are foreign to you. You move from situation to situation on a stage traversing the moguls of complexity. Your comfort goes up and down in a jazzing manner leaving you drained and elated. Side Bar: you learn to appreciate the history of others so that you can allow for your own differences in relationship to the differences being expressed around you. For example, the Jews were in until Pope Gregory set the calendar. Rome fell and out of the ashes rose Islam until the West nested the Protestant reformation and the beat of history goes on.