Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dawn of Awearness...1983!

 I put a full-page advertisement on the back page of the local Sunday newspaper. I buried in the ad a story that I could unfold to you if you were interested. The important part of this is that you have the ad. We could talk about the hidden 7's, words with seven letters in a word string. You would see the ad in a much different light because you understood something on a different level. Anyway, you were attending Pier14 restaurant where the mental health therapists were running a workshop entitled  "The Dawn of Awareness." The cost was $77.77 and you could reserve your participation via  check. I received over 100 hundred checks for the first show and the numbers were growing when the mental health professional backed out of the deal. Plus, if you wanted to take a private tour of one of the resorts on the beach, you would get your money back for the mental health weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. The idea behind the idea is that the gift of awareness facilitates the family, its need to stay tuned with a dream, no matter what else goes wrong with the rest of the year. Your time will come; this is what the Dream Merchant was selling, balance. I was interviewed on TV about the upcoming Dawn of Awareness event. There was a good chance that our audience would be around 200 people. $15,554.00 lost energy. But, the idea had its fruition even though the checks were returned. 200 X $77.77 = $15,554. Now, what other treasure did you get? You were there to explore your differences, allowing others to understand you, so, that you can better understand them. You were there with your wife, girlfriend, your soul mate. It was all about setting the stage for your possibilities to flower. Now the irony behind this failure was that I was involved with her, -the mental health therapist; she encouraged my behavior, yet spite's ugly head won the day; I got fucked. Also in the ad I quoted from the History of Humanities advertising. But I switched the word "creativity" with "time share" in the quote. Now, as a gift, I had printed up the original quote on parchment to be given away upon their arrival. I have had this quote on my personal card since that promotion because I think it is right on. Side bar: I think she got so fucking mad at me because I did the TV spot with another woman, a friend the therapist didn't know about. I could be wrong because the main focal point in the ad was our ten commandments on "could" or "should." It could have been the "could" or "should. Simply stated, if you said you "should" to her instead of you "could" do this or that she would go through the fucking lecture on the meaning of words.