Friday, May 23, 2014

"Freddy the -Freeloader"

When I was growing up there was a TV character by the name of "Freddy the freeloader" played by Red Skelton. This was a "skit" from his Sunday TV show. Freddy was a hobo living alongside the rail road tracks. He had some unusual shows but there was always some king of moral compass toward fair play: that was the silver lining. Freddie got into trouble because he was always living on the edge. Freddy was a child of the Great Depression. He could have been a character in one of Steinback's unfurling like the "Grapes of Wrath," or for sure, Rabbit out of "Rabbit Run" would have been a fan of "Freddy's" too. But Freddy would not be treated the way that the system treats felons as they try to reenter society; they are never free from Reformation's sin. The church needs its demerits to keep the faithful alert to temptation as Satin is always out and about offering the children his pleasures. You are always one of the children because it is you that they harvest their tithe from, your pledge for doing business in the community. Your church is special to you. Right! It is like them against you on who owns God. You do, of course, because you believe the dogma about the way felons are to be shunned. The only dogma that you recognize for the poor is proselytizing about them before you allow them to rise up out of poverty. I think that you want the assurance that their 10th goes to your church. Not to some other "come along" who offers flashes of glitter to entice a more universal way of sharing one's spirit. I believe that "Freddy"would be rooting for the home team; for it's the world's Olympics that he is rooting in; Freddy would be rooting for humanity to survive here on earth and not in the stratosphere of la la land, the church.