Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Next time

 Where is my head at this moment? Well, I'm going to the Caribbean where the mosquito is biting with very unsavory consequences rather like being kicked around town with a target on your back. The morning paper's reminder of society's children: Couple sentenced to prison because they murdered a registered sex offender and his family. Maybe it was because they felt it was fair game to go after the felons who were being shunned by the church's congregation, constituents in the political arena. They said that the only thing that they are ashamed of is that they were so stupid to have been caught on their first hunt. They had their second target in hand - so involved in their lust, his for bringing him down with a bullet. She, like the bull fighter, would take the kill with the skill of the blade.

Plus, and not to look for sympathy, I'm on a diet. Right! I was listening to C-Span's coverage on the judicial system and its management yesterday. I'm sorry to say that they are running on negative beta, as in brain wave. Truth! Which means that you have to process your wave, whatever it is, through a negative system; this can only mean one thing, the felon population will be growing at an exponential rate. What else is on my mind? Each of the top hedge fund managers -on average- took home $1,000,000,000 billion dollars in income this year, exclusive of other revenue streams. This is a new shadow government in its wake of being the power within, for example, the Italian city states like Rome's guiding light -the Catholic Church. The book that everyone hid in the brown paper bag was "The Prince" by Machiavelli. Now, if you take probability into account, you can safely bet on the family producing children who will be earmarked for a career in felonhood. Yes! It is just another form of slavery. I know because I have to register with Interpol; I will be sailing in foreign waters and that means they will have jurisdiction over me. They usually hold me up for hours upon my arrival because they are not sure of what to expect from me, my behavior.  One way or another the system, which is bent on redemption, must have some one to redeem. The wagons are circling around; resources are being divided. But I'm sorry you are not invited to the party because you will get your just reward in the next life; some of you are willing to blow yourself up to mark the four wives for your coming arrival. Fucking A!