Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Praxis: to teach is to be is a new pathway of understanding: how to facilitate the situation facing the felon. You have been living in an environment of stunted processing because you are filtering the unknown through a vale of morality which is misunderstood by those who profess it. Morality has nothing to do with truth- in this case our social justice system. You must first understand the ramification of punishment to the brain; fuck this thing called the "soul" by some because it does not live here; it lives on in some other dimension, if it exists at all. To me the key to understanding is realizing that you do not have the answer to the problem; for if you did it would not be a problem. For example, why would you want to preempt any endeavor instead of entering into it with an open mind, free from old assumptions? You are not dealing with an individual's body; you are dealing with the felon's brain. Redemption cannot be the social pathway for the felon to reenter society. Redemption is convoluted with religious superstition. So to filter the problem through religious superstition will only create stumbling blocks; this is why the felon population in the country is one of the fastest growing populations. Yes! This is a fucking moral dilemma created by society's lack of compassion for those who were not given equal opportunities as their brain was forming. This is the problem: it is the "brain." You have to educate the brain; that does not mean Indoctrinate it so that society is the gatekeeper. OK! the basic principle is that there is no other place. Here and now is where it all unfurls. Be all in this world; this time; this place. This is why you need to turn prisons into a praxis of understanding. If you educate the brain, it can maximize its mind's eye. The individual will follow along as the vase of life.