Saturday, May 31, 2014

Identity ???

What's your position on another person's identity? Now! Please, if you will, walk around as if this new you -new skin - is being adapted by someone whom you really wish to be happy, like someone whom you love. Did you allow for any individual expression to form from within this identity, or is this new identity of yours for others a bit fucked up as the identity that you carry around for yourself? Please! Are you comfortable with your own opportunities for self actualization, or do you wish to slip into this new identity that you are offering up for others? Think about the new projections that might form from this new identity. What I mean to say is: are you really ready to have yourself cloned? You know! Every where you go, you find yourself; all of the baggage that you have been repressing -for who knows why- is in your face hoping that you will recognize this truth about your latent sexual identity because everything in life is sexual. If it is not sexual, it is not life. It is not that every thing you do is sexual, it is a simple matter of social intercourse. For example, you always wanted to be a dancer but your family thought that being a dancer might be misunderstood by others so they made you become a "jock" who is expected to run steady on into the status quo? What kind of an identity will it manifest? When your mind says I'm into allowing for differences, the "jock" says, them against me, zero sum. Side Bar: OK! The question is -how will the Identity identify with others?  You have a unique opportunity to express fairness amongst others as you form this new Identity's pathway. How would you interpret the actions of others without discerning first what you do not know, for otherwise you would not have judged. How do you set this mindset into this new Identity that you have the privilege to form?