Saturday, May 24, 2014

Does "it" matter?

So yes, I'm sending out another S.O.S because I am very angry about the casual way in which others just seem to get along in life without ever taking a moment to wonder if the generalized other is getting a fair shot at happiness. So! Now for the truth, who gives a flying fuck if the next guy gets his or her shot at happiness as long as you get yours. It does seem to me that the talking heads, like you can catch any week day on Morning Joe, will selectively remember how their political opposition had fired the first salvo; therefore, their mud slinging is justified to reinforce their "status quo," whatever that means or so entails. Fuck! I'm drowning in this pissing contest that seems to have no end in sight. What gets to me is this idea of a social contract -which by the way, I never signed and if I did please forgive me because I did not understand that it was up for revision every time some "shit head" senses that their sense of sensibility is under attack. Why does it matter if I wipe my ass with my left hand and you, for what ever reason, choose to wipe your ass with your right hand. Now, I do know because I'm a well traveled fool that there are some cultures that frequently dine in a communal manner and forage from the same bowl; so they all wipe with their left hand and dine with their right hand, but does that mean that others have to follow suit and think right brain versus left brain because they come from the culture which does or does not forage from the communal feeding bowl? I think not because when I'm in the bowels of my own mind I'm quite ambidextrous; yes, I do believe that I can sling the "shit" just as well as the talking heads can. My only problem is that no one will give me any credit for my efforts unless they are in agreement with my conclusions or end up in my world of "dreams do come true if you are a switch hitter."