Monday, May 19, 2014

Princess Ineffable

She promised me that she would be true; in fact, she was a he/she; she distorted my sense of pleasure. She is the felon's princess ineffable. With that said, the present is made up from its history and therefore the desired reformation has to come from overturning the prejudices that form when understanding the ramifications of our resolve to accommodate the cumulative we. As in "We the people" found in the constitution. If the desired outcome of our social resolve is to teach others about the meaning of social intercourse, than what is needed is to understand that not everyone has had the opportunity and privilege to reflect upon the meaning of life, its responsibilities. Because not every one comes with the same package of common sense. So in this universal "we" the common sense is not common amongst all in the collective whole; for there are many island wholly made up from various segments of society subjugating one group from another depending upon their dependency for access to the desired resources needed to sustain life in a meaningful way. We can all react to the same social trigger but history has taught us that our reactions will differ according to our unique histories. For example, one felon from the political elite will become a reality TV star burning bright even though he/she fosters only the primal need for greed while the remaining 99% of those who leave prison with their felon's stamp are offered the tenured position of grovelling from the barrel's bottom. Now it is also true that each felon dives into Dante's folly from their own platform, each one with their unique characteristic inculcated by their small family, their neighborhood of origin.  Each is a product of their times, the places and faces that made up their mind's eye. You enter Dante's folly  passing through the "icicle garden" where you morph into this distorted sense of reality based upon consuming your soul so that you can survive the ordeal of passing through the icing down of social intercourse as your brain's beta wave burns red. The princess is all about revealing Dante's descent into Hell.