Monday, May 26, 2014

Setting the stage

The four corners of law: church, federal, state and judicial play out on the corners of Broad st. and Meeting st. in downtown Charleston, SC. This is not ethical in any sense of the word; it is also true, it does not profess to be ethical. It is a function of Government to sway its constituents in more or less manner as a reward for conforming to the status quo. These are symbols to Power's ethos.  Because it is the thriving to attain power that perpetuates the thriving for it. The constituents, on the other hand, couch this process as if common knowledge could keep it in check. Now!  What the fuck could be so common as common knowledge when they have all the resources, and, you have none of them. The world as seen through the eye's of the elite is zero sum, or -more or less. They have more;  you have less. If you were their equal, you would have to be one of them; otherwise, you are not one of them -so please get back in line. It is said in casting, if the scene is set to a rainy day, the extra is out in the rain for the entire time it takes to shoot the seen. The little people -on the set- are said to be crouch sniffers; you might mill that over in your mind's eye. Napoleon would have been a monster of a little person. Yes you would be having a Napoleonic complex from the mind of a little person -a crouch snifter. Fucking A! This is what I think is so funny: when I was growing up, life was bifurcated between man and woman. It was supposed to be equal but woman are a lot smarter than man; anyway, the four "corners" of law have set new positions for equal distribution. For example, homosexual male, lesbian woman, male cross dresser, male transgender, bisexual male, bisexual female, as well as a woman wanting to be a male; but, I can not possibly fathom why she would. So, if the "corners" could not find a common denominator between "one plus one," one man, one woman. Now, the corner's have seven new ways to sway their constituents. I believe that it will be impossible to reconstruct the herd as was in the day's of Spinoza. He said it than; it's true today. He does not care if you reverse his excommunication because he was right and you still are wrong. Ho! How Amsterdam has grown. Yet, not Charleston, the Holy City on the hill.