Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I'm not sure that it makes any difference to you or not, but it does with me. Yes! I want to be understood so that I can free myself of this fucking anger. I do not know where you are coming from; as for myself, I believe that the political elites that make up the system are fucking me up the ass just like they did in prison. Someone once said that it is the southern way of doing things. Of course, if it were happening anyplace else the southern rapprochement would be screaming foul for humanitarian reasons. I do believe that it only stinks when someone else is frothing at the bit  about the southern way, doing it to the southerners. I do believe that they call it "Offshore drillin." They smile to your face, give you the poking when you turn around. When I was growing up they called it back stabbin'. So you would think that I'm well scarred to this mischief, but it is relentless. You know- the fucking itch you get when you have a cast on your arm, the one you use to masturbate with and, ever since, masturbation is not the same because it lacks spontaneity. Yes, that is right, that kind of itch. You know this itch thing reminds me about a story that someone once told me. It seemed that when he was young. He was visiting friends of his aunt who by the way was a little "lesbo," he thought. She walked around the house with just a tee-shirt on and no bra underneath. He said it would get him excited; anyway he said that he forgot to pack his underwear when he visited so she made him wear her girly panties instead. He said that she said no one will no unless you tell them, but she laughed at him when she noticed that he was getting an erection as she was showing him how they were to be worn. He said they felt so different from his underwear that he got a fetish over the experience. Now he says that whenever he gets bent out of shape because of something that someone is doing to him he locks himself up in his room and plays pretend: I'm a little girl in my panties; don't you think that I am a cutie?