Monday, May 26, 2014

Let us go, the reformation failed.

 The evidence is in; the conclusion is quite simple. Give the religious and political elites the pleasure of incarceration so that they can molest each other in ways that help them feel that the crucifixion of Jesus was real and had a healing affect on their psyche. What am I talking about? How the fuck do I know what I'm talking about? But if you follow world events, like the Middle East , you will find the Pope in Palestine whipping up on the Jews because they allowed Jesus to be nailed to the cross. So the Pope is out and about stirring up shit so that the Jews can be crucified by the political oneupmanship that is on the horizon. Plus, the Jews are flanked by the shifting sands coming out of Egypt couched in the demented rise of their new hegemonic leader, Sisi. Does the name ring a bell -"ask not for whom the bell tolled, it tolls for thee."  On the other side of Israel you find Lebanon with their three crosses of symbolism all empty because they are not hanging anyone at the moment. For you see, the three legged stool of power: one Christian president, one Sunni Prime minister, one Shiite as the speaker of Parliament are all ladies in waiting. Waiting for what -who the fuck knows- maybe any influential outsider who wants to play the "lone ranger" riding in with his silver bullet of truth and a pocket full of obligations dangling from 30 pieces of silver. But, the real jolt is coming like it has always come in the past in the form of the Russian question. For you see, in the past the, the West has always held sway because of its economic hegemony; this is no longer assured because of China's ascension on the economic stage, neutering the status quo. Just check it out, the west is trying to put Putin in check with economic sanctions. So his shift is to rook his own king, shifting to China as a defense using his gas as a short across the West's bow. Also, there are two outliers, Iran is goosing Israel with its nuke program as N. Korea snuggles up to China with theirs. Talk about the big bang theory -will you, ha.