Monday, May 5, 2014

Setting the record straight

Straight down that old crooked road, I went without any thought of looking back. I took myself for granted; I never realized that I was not supposed to take care of myself. The wisdom floating around in this new way of looking at life is that "it takes a village to raise a child." I never believed anything that you were saying anyway; you were all about you, right. Have you ever felt that way? That the system is out for itself; the rest of us are just more hash to be served up for breakfast. Let me tell you a story about fear. When I was young I had to take a nap, real young. But I did not like the visitor that came during my sleep, before I fell asleep. Uncle Charlie moved into the house to take care of us while my mother was being tortured at the nut house. My father, the shit head, was off to work, as a bus driver. He did have special arrangement with some of this female riders. My father was one of those sleazy males in the neighborhood, who when the guys were off to war; their wives were home alone; times were tough and boundaries were convoluted. Yes, he did have one of those Napoleon complexes too. For example, he was John Wayne and I was the "Jap" in our WWII  foreplay; sometimes I was the Indian to be massacred. Meanwhile, Charlie would just hold me close to his naked body for nap time and rock me to sleep. I did not like his visits; but, he was a good cook; he did clean up the house. I liked that because my mother was a slob; fuck, they used electric shock treatment on her until she was brain dead; then she would be sent home to take care of us, fucking A. This is why I think that it is one of those things that you cannot do; that is to say, you can not straighten out a crooked old road. But, for sure, this old house can be flipped; refurbished, and just maybe,  I can realize a profit for life's investment in me.