Sunday, May 11, 2014 "Tee-shirt" ...order.

You are too beautiful to be legal. You are just another one of those ideas floating around in the environment. You know: nothing is new;  It's the spin you put on it. Right! Some say that, if you are tuned with your environment, you will be facilitated along by the effect. The world is on all sides of the divided - you, me and the rest of the family. Plus, Alibaba's followers. Next the I.P.O.  No! this is a legal deal to assure the divided, newly created felon -slave. As in reconstruction, the 5/8's value had to attain the common denominator of equality under the constitution; meaning that a 5/8's slave in now an 8/8's equal and free; this is the 14th amendment to the constitution. So, using that logic, its inverse has to also have the same trajectory. This is a "retro-reflection" back to being less than equal. Well than you have to make allowances for those differences. If the felon can not be treated as an equal. Then the system has to compensate for its affect upon the felon's ability to flourish. For example, I'm a political prisoner and I'm on a lifetime probation against a rogue jury's unsupported verdict of "guilty."There was on evidence; there was only perjury, false testimony. I'm not the only felon being rifted back to a 5/8's; some of these felons are hovering plus or minus 0/8's; all they do is go through the "revolving door" because they lack status. I'm forming this union because I can; it is your choice to join it if you also wish this flight of fantasy for slaying the fucking dragon. Six million members makes a very large harpoon. This is an inclusive union which fosters social justice: since I'm a feminist; I'm saying that all are welcome to join Balance Inc. R. This is our limbo membership -waiting to become a felon. We will be advocating for social justice; you can support our endeavors by ordering one of our future tee-shirts. I'm the case that needs to be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court because it's my14th amendment's right to be adjudicated too. The verdict was corrupted. Can you imagine the defense that I could make against the rogue prosecutors who prostitute justice if all 6,000.000 million felons purchase a future "Social Justice" tee-shirt?