Sunday, May 4, 2014

free will...shitty!

Fuck it; there is no free will. How can you have free will when you are not in control of your environment. Right! You can pick and choose between your options; but do you really think that your choices come from the best of all possible worlds? And, if you do, than I do not think that you are on the same page as the rest of the majority or those like myself. I'm a psychological junky; I'm addicted to my weakness. For example, I was born Irish Catholic when the dogma was WASP and the country was going into fucking war. Being Irish Catholic was all ways on the table because it was discriminated against. The Irish immigrant who wanted his piece of the pie: his cockiness thought that ice cream would be nice too. Yes indeed, I have more lives than the common alley cat; maybe even more than I wish to not reminisce on. I venture to say that free will could come out of experiences freely taken so as to maximize their effect with others. Right! I believe that it is all about self best interest when the situation arises so that you can be assured that your needs were being met; life is giving you this opportunity, today only. Isn't that what your local timeshare girl says to you when she pops the question? The Dream Merchant wants to know if you want to step up to bat or do you want to send in a relief hitter? Is there free will in an environment convoluted in questionable hermeneutics, advertising. You feel the pressure from your primal psyche, the scream from within, this alien that you become, pleasure seeker. The voice in your head says, " I could have bought this and I could have bought that but in the end it all went down the tube." Your old man's voice in your head just bouncing all around about his lost opportunities and why life cheated him out of his piece of the pie. Now you do not want to be just like your old man so you have to pick up the bat, hit the ball out of the park, so that you too cane taste sin. How do you process any given moment when this particular sin is just for today, today only.