Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are you out there?

Just hook -up, that is what they say. What is a hook -up? That is what I want to understand. Two brains feeding Xist style, commingling their pleasures; experiences they bring into the ring of possibilities; for example, the old man and the young man are sitting under the tree; the old man wants to be a young man so he services the young man's sexual needs so that he can get into the young man's life. Many believe that life is always sexual because all young men have a primal need to scratch their itch: it's the old man with the need to be young that attenuates this itch. The old man, young man scenario, I believe it is gender orientation. For example, you could think about the Rip Van Winkle  effect after awaking from a long drunk journey to that of the submissive female side of man. She emerges as the male slides out of play. Maybe, finally in his demise she rises as sphinx into play. She is in play; she is he/she. And her mantra is "drop up and visit me some time." On the other hand, the female is on a Renaissance, she is in her Xist. So in my case, she is servicing the he/she's behind the wall: in her "Social Justice" tee-shirt -she is forming Balance Inc R as this convergence's forum. Yes, it is all bull -shit! This dance of the money manager; their sense of how they see themselves; they are the matadors taking on the market's bull and harnessing one's return over time. I think they look for the mushroom sprouting form the bull's pile of dung. As we all know, it does make an unusually toxic tea, the bull's mushroom and me. The hook -up's validity is measured in the future as its fruition sprays across the canvases of time. And if you spell the word 'time'  backward, it spells out 'emit' meaning to give off and that is the key to any good hook -up, its dividend.