Thursday, May 29, 2014


If you decided to follow a single path, you too become the Centipede. It is only when you choose your own direction that you fuck up the Centipede. Yes! Stop and be in your moment's time and space. These are your eyes to observe the truth; this is your validation, your observation of the differences between your observation and your action. Therefore you cannot walk lock step with others under the dilettantes cape. For if you do, you miss out on your own formation, self actualization. So if this Dilettante's dogma is couched in history, and always has been, and not questioned, then the Centipede is driving the car and you are -as in Googles's world- a passenger. You get to see what the Centipede observes as the Centipede crawls along its historical pathway. For example, when I reflect upon myself, I find that when I was young, I was stupid. Now that I'm old; I am just forgetful; this is an easier position to occupy in society. Why! Well if you did not follow the Centipede, then you have many failures to express to others as a wonderful learning experience. Because of your failures, you have reflective memories to share with others. You become the Delphi when you have a story to tell; this vicarious relationship between peoples of various perspectives brings unique taste buds to the table. Think! How tasty will your life be if you become one of the legs of the Centipede? What will your legacy be? Yes! You could be the best leg the Centipede ever had, but you would have to be in lockstep with the rest of the legs, no individual you. You would have to be the shining star without wonder of who you could be. You could never throw off the yoke of History because you would not have any of your own history to reflect upon and use as a foundation to propel your self forward. Maybe you will fall into the very fire of damnation that the Dilettante preached to you about. All I can add to the mix is that if you are the leg than you can never be the pathway for others.