Sunday, May 18, 2014

"frame -up"

Conflict resolution requires that all parties to the conflict have adequately found a resolution to proceed. Now! This is the absolute truth; if you do not have the unbridled opportunity to advance your cause, than you are not logically expected to abide the Government. For example, I'm a political prisoner to Christian shunning. Because it requires Redemption, you must confess to the crime if you want Redemption. I want FUCKING justice; that's all. The criminal justice code has never been about justice. It is about punishment, as much punishment as it can get away with before the non-felons get a whiff of the stink. The people's sense of sensibility is appeased and he beat goes on, the cry of the "icicle garden" where the person's body is the day's tender. This prison population is imploding on all the same variables that maximize the dollar on the entrepreneur's shelf or in his quiver. The value of the felon's body. For example, this is our cell and I believe that their will be sex in the cell and you can decided how you want to participate with me; please remember, I'm into role-play for you. A conversation just like that happen to me. I remember the conversation, not the conflict resolution. Also, I have had several therapist tell me that I'm most likely repressing the memory because I was forced into being sexual with my cell mate. And! I'm not saying that that is not true; I simple do not remember those experiences after having a psychotic break, "crazy" to the lay person. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, the State is also responsible due to its prison practices. Redemption through the bible is fucking blasphemous to God if there is a God; I'm not saying there is a God either. Plus! Candidly speaking, the federal government runs its Middle Eastern policies as poorly as it does its constitutional responsibilities -just admire how it manifests the 14th amendment to its constitution. How about the felon's right's after conflict resolutions has been administered. In my case, I'm on probation for life for a crime that never happened other than in the mind's eye of my enemies, a political elite with the power to sway. Yes, the simple truth of the "frame up."