Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moving on...:)

You could say that it was just another one of life's moments; you could also say that it put you on the road to destruction. Who gives a flying fuck anyway; you do not. Yes, you say that you do because of some fucking crazy warped out perception of socialization; you know the shit that was interjected into your mind set without you processing its ramification. So now you are between moving on and revenge. Revenge tastes good while moving on leaves bile in your taste buds. No matter where you are the rest of the world is all fucked up. You know this because you too are just hanging on by the tips of your reach, fingers. You feel comfortable about manipulating them because you are daring, foolishly crossing the line of your ability. You can only get close to someone once; than the misunderstanding manifest themselves in ways that make you uncomfortable. Right! You are only comfortable when you are being naughty; this naughty of yours is a little on the schizophrenic side too. Their unique charms fit you like a new suit each time they pop out of your head. Yes, you too want to feel the sweet taste of revenge. The only thing is that you will not take responsibility for its fall out: You create safety zones like ripples from a skimmed stone across the water. Your major problem: you do not have a partner in crime; you have obligations that are too much for you to cope with because you have to conform to a certain moral code which is against "your self best interest." You have your own moral code; Why do you have to act as if you are the judge of others as they interpret the actions of others. You like each to their own way. No! New Rules: The journey to "redemption," a new suit for the US Supreme Court, says that all social meetings within this new beast of ours can choose to start with religious overtones. The road to redemption is couched in "plea bargaining," not in the law. The law requires an adversarial stage to be unfurled over fairness. For example, there is no fairness if it is against to law for you to lie, yet the system is supposed to lie, good cop - bad cop beating up on you because this is what the rogue prosecutor wants their fascist troops to do. This is the behavior of SC's criminal justice; it is Jim Crow dressed up as equal rights, you harvest your population in a bottom up manner; This is the churches' way of social genocide.You must confess to the sin even if it is not your sin, because it is convenient for the church and its interpretation of social intercourse. I predict that just like with the Muslim's belief of bowing down a certain number of times through out the day, you too will be subjugating your privacy to the court and its dance partner, the church. Please remember, the stone makes ripples as it is skimmed across the water ringing out and calling you back to nature; Chim-pan-zee  chimes in your ear.