Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sinatra's "My way"

My world of the off limits is no place to be because you would be off limits too. When you live in my world your best friend is "no" because it is understood that you do not belong. You are no longer a citizen with rights. Matter of fact, you must walk around as Jesus, dragging your cross behind your self, persecution is in. You are condemned to being one of those who are not allowed the opportunities that others just trickle, twirl, and swirl with as they promenade upon their way. When you do it my way, you do without. Yes! The fucking system believes that if it makes a mistake it did it for the greater good of the whole, mankind in its fist as it jacks off. You will get compensated in heaven because you were condemned in the name of God while you were waiting to be called back to be judged -it is judgement day. Fucking A!  The Protestant reformation turned out to be the harbinger of the real "dark ages" and not as history as proclaimed under the catholic church when Rome fell and the renaissance blossomed. Yes! The christian world distorted the Italian city states' sense of worship and their profit -Machiavelli. The thing is, you see, in this time and place the reformation is making a new bread of sinners; they are called felons, not Catholics. Because the new prejudice is now with the Islamists, who along with the minorities, Mexicans and others from south of the boarder, down old Mexico way. The reformation's stench is lending itself to life's effluvium. But! No, I'm not bitter; I'm fucking going crazy. It is not fair because God is fucking dead; if even God did once exist, there is not enough room in hell to accommodate all of those who buttress the reformation and its unfurling of justice. Please! How can it be that there is not enough room in hell for God's wrath against the reformation?