Friday, May 2, 2014

Taste centipede

 Reality implies a truth based consciousness; yet it is its unconsciousness that is the root of the question because it implies somehow that the herd is comfortable with this truth. Maybe this reality stifles the discovery of what maybe could be true, like that the earth is not really flat. Each member of the herd is different and it is this difference that separates their opposing position. If you allow for these differences you maximize self best interest. These interests vary from one an other in many and various ways, dependent on various situations. It is a convoluted herd. Discovery could be one of its charming points. For example,  when the feedback loop is in proper balance, the herd will spill out its connectivity like a spider spins its web, an infrastructure to get along on. There is this cognitive dissidence, confusion that can bring a cancer into the herd. You know that is when everybody is the leg of the centipede that wants to run astray. You do not want to get tangled up in the web, you want to walk across it. The spider is in concert with its web. This is where the herd needs to be with its potential, its discovery. All creativity is based on freeing yourself of old assumptions. When you go beyond yourself, allow for other pathways you will encounter differences to which you can assimilate, maybe a one night stand. I'm not against reality. Please, life is all about the brain and its ability to be unique to one and all. My brain or your brain it is just what you do with it.  Also it's like I'm Apple and you are PC. Anyway, to the point: You cannot shut off that brain in a prison and expect that brain to progress along as your brain has had the opportunity too. If you do that, the brain must function in a dysfunctional environment, developing its own spin on the prison's hive. Guest what it thinks about you. I can tell you this, nothing.