Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yes! Mann...luminaries.

Reality is on the rise; it is still passing me by; I cannot get a good handle on whether I'm happy or sad about this situation. So what do you think about this reality based conundrum as far as your state of mind is concerned? Right! You do not give a flying fuck because reality has nothing to do with the way you process life's ins and outs. You are a member of the solipsistic mind set; therefore, you do not give a shit about how others might view their world. Others are either with you or they are against you which just could leave you as usual in the dark. Right? For example, it is better for you if you keep in lockstep with the prevailing christian dogma of -kill the prick and let him find justice in the fluffy white world of the religious right's picture of St. Peter at the pearly gates of heaven. Yes, St. Peter will put the final stamp of innocent or guilt on those of whom you chose to judge. So that you can in your carefree way continue to battle as the Shiite and Sunni Muslims do in the quagmire of the Middle East. Yes! Also,  maybe you are one of those Sunday drivers who just loves to drag traffic during the week day's rush hour traffic hoping to drive someone crazy enough to go home and brutalize their family because of your christian sense of order. You just love to stir up the shit around you so that others will know that you are the one who truly understands the meaning of life. The meaning of life as far as you are concerned, or at least in the sphere of your range and domain. What am I saying: You are the new John Phillip Sousa leading the band to the cords of "onward Christian soldiers" marching the fucking populace into the bowels of the toilet bowl -Right or Wrong. But you could think that It is the orgasm's stage: You know -"what you get out of it." What do I mean by this? OK! Imagine this picture as if you were there. - I'm on the bow of this 50.5sail boat anchored in a cove of magical " quiet firecrackers." the night was dark; the sky was full of stars; the waters were alive with  copulation in the form of glow worms lighting up the bays' waters with their eggs and sperm. The female float by the boat in a florescent light exposing her form, she is laying her eggs. moments later the male comes into play and he sprays the eggs with his sperm and they all light up just like at the 4th of July; the rocket goes off and it explodes with a spray of color and noise. In my story: You could not hear the "copulation"there is no noise. You can see it happen because the water's of the bay are black in tone and the light is seen against the dark. but the explosion is there. all the eggs light up and create their very own unique light show -quietly.  Now if only you too could be silent so that others could observe your moments of awareness. Charming idea to consider, what do you think about it?