Wednesday, June 25, 2014's "just a must" -needed.

OK! When you blog as I do, you meet the truth along the way. You get comments from those who read what you write:  "I liked your writing. I connected with it at every level. You don't have to be a felon in the good ole USA to be treated like an unimportant member of society. You could simply B me." by DJ  Also, in particular I might say, I love his word string on himself: "I am the utter embodiment of what men fear most, love, sexuality, anger and intelligence.I am not a mad dog, but I do bite. I question, is my dog just like me, or am I just like my dog? I have been a WMD." by DJ.  So, what is the truth? Well it could be that that "depends on what the meaning of 'is', is." We all remember our hero: Mr Clinton, a true Mr! Anyway, The reason that I'm calling for a felon's union is so that the felon is not crucified. The world knows that the felon is and has always been crucified because the church wants to be able to offer "redemption." That is to say: if you recant for your sins. Now in my case all the testimony was perjured; I have nothing to recant because they lied. The witnesses lied to the jury, enough said. It is the same labeling as the German's did to the Jews -on your physical body or on your social body- it's the system of numbers to readily identify you. Such as the number stamped into my US passport. It's why Homeland Security embarrasses me each and every time I go through customs. So, is forming a political movement so as to be assured that the felon receives their 14th amendment's rights of equality. OR! Buy back the felons rights to happiness with an annual income guaranty, like social security or a pension. You should be paying the felon's family a compensation because it is the System's policy to create a lower cast of citizen. Someone has to stoke the furnaces of power: Think! Who stoked the furnaces of Rome's bathhouses in the days of Cesar? It has always been about Rome, all roads lead to "Rome." It is the power of the inner circle. For example, if each felon only filed their #number, in my case it is -161696-. I'm also listed as 666. It must be love. Only, I just wish that they would wear leather because it might just help to "turn" me on TOO.  Anyway! the e-mail for the any inquiry is: or BALANCEINCR@ME.COM  Well believe me if every felon joined up and participated in some fashion to any one of our offerings. The number is in the millions which could translate into political power. It is what I am looking for, power. Remember Spartacus the felon formed out of slavery; also, he raised an army which made its point known. Since you have already been under the pressure of the "down low." This rapping of the soul by policy - this distortion of sexuality; this torturing of the brain. This is the "policy" that is on the table. Join with me and register your comment via e-mail and place your position on the table. Remember! If you are one of millions you can believe that you can be one with power.