Thursday, June 26, 2014

Learned helplessness

Help, helpless, helplessness is all about your approach to the situation. It is all contextually manifested according to how you process information. Another way to qualify is to say -how you learn. Now, in my case, I have this theory about learning how to be helpless by allowing others to solve your problems because they are obviously smarter than you. It has to do with self-image. What I'm saying in my way of character trait: You never want to be the center of attention even on trivial tasks so you separate from others living a more solitude life style. I just believe that because society is becoming more stratified as to who will actually be a participant in forming society's mores. In my opinion the only way to learn is through participation. OK! Vicarious learning is "cool" but, it could be a pathway opening for the passive aggressive addiction; meaning, you are afraid of failing because you were subdued. The neighborhood that you came out of did not nurture you; it was a poorly funded household, lacking the ability to socialize the family in a meaningful way. In my case life was always toxic - physically and emotionally. Why -?- might give you some incite into the times. WWII was the place to be because you get to be in the fight; this is what my father wanted. He was a golden -glove contender, armature boxing. His baby brother was 6ft 5in; he was 5ft 6in short with his Napoleonic complex in full force. As far as my father was concerned it was my fault that he could not get into the service, army. So in my home the role that I played was the "Jap;" he was John Wayne; I was the Indian; he was John Wayne. If you can not get up off of the situation -off the floor, your learning is affected due to the negative defensive positions. It is all about the context of your life, negative context is a negative construct. I will give you a negative example: Because my father was not in the military he could not get the G.I. Bill which offered the education for the New World Order, its jobs program -the American Dream.  Yes! Because he fucked my mother and and drove her crazy to the point that she attempted suicide. She sat in front of the open gas oven with the gas on but not burning. She placed me in the oven on top of the oven's open door. She than put a blanket over us and wanted to die. She did this so that he could get into the army, He could not get in because she would not sign of on it. Now she had been a orphan as a child and did not want that for her children, the abuse in the system was sickening. She was an abused Catholic girl, let's leave it at that.  In her mind she had no choice. But! The "prick" blamed me for that too.  You "should" know that on some level you too are being blamed -manipulated; yet, most of the population is just one step away from braking one law or another with out intent. Yes! These are the ones being abuse as well because they too could very easterly become a felon. And! You know that I'm right: The New World Order is using the "tag line," felon. They are doing this so that they can re-couch the "system-of-slavery." Please listen to what I mean, every brain need to be free to chose its opportunities. Society need to know what it is doing to the brain when it put someone in prison because the concept of most restrictive restricts is on both sides of society, those who are on either side of the wall make up the context of life. Hitler had his crematories for your body. In today's world the crematories are for your soul. They want to dumb your opportunities for crowd control.