Saturday, June 28, 2014


Retro- reflection: you are coming into contact with another situation, individual. You form some form of opinion in your mind's eye; you projected your estimation of this person; you set the stage before you knew what  their potential was, to be performed. This is your prejudice against their performance. You are negative on the positive side of creativity. The problem is that this prejudice you feel toward another is reflected back upon your own self-worth, placing you in your own subservient prison. You self destruct your own argument. It is the sweet -spot because you do not realize that you are working against your self, foolishly. It is all in how you play the game: for example or counter example, when you position yourself to react instead of lead -the defense is than predicated upon seasoning the context. Here is the story: you have four positions to choose from, you occupy one and assign one to another encounter; you occupy your space in a passive manner so as to expose the position being taken by the new occupant of one of your daily encounter -with some member of society. The game is all about the 'pluses' and the 'minuses.' It is called shaping or chiseling because you are working the maybes of someone's mind -if you are passive and the other is aggressive, then their flanks would be expressive and analytical. So those are roles which require that you need to know what you are talking about and at the same time can articulate its meaning.Simple. Right!  I'll try to express this in another format: I'm looking to meet someone who has potential but lacks resources to become successful. So in this add for employment, I placed myself in the passive role looking for an aggressive opening into someone's needs. Now when I do the interview I am looking to see how well they can demonstrate their ability to dance their way on up. This is the ad: I am in  the process of developing a web presence or attempting to do so anyway; I'm interested in associating myself with a self starter - Someone to associate with on a part time level to see if we can work together; I need some one who knows how to be a secretary; I'm really interested in someone who can -if you do not mind the metaphor- dance with their computer. My web site; if you are interested please read all of my blogs; they will give you a sense of who I am; what I'm looking to accomplish.
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Reflection: To live is to set the stage so that others can articulate their needs; it's their journey, not yours. For each is a guest offering insight to life.